Glyph yourself….a blended culture project

The Glyph Project has taken off through cyberspace with the help of those sharing the site and the direct link to the cultural survey  Join this blog for automatic updates.  I promise no info overload, so please post/like/share/friend/tweet/link without fear!Glyph

Where in the world did the idea come from?

Ideas generally pop into my head as frustrated questions seeking form. This idea showed up in late 2001, as headlines and the world’s focus turned more to our extreme differences than what we had (have) in common.  My friends are from all sorts of backgrounds and we respect our differences.  So, the question that kept coming into my head was (is), “What does a get-along culture look like”?

Click here for the stats on participants cultural background

Click here for the stats on Glyph participants by cultural background

I found an enormous amount of information on this topic that morphed and expanded my original question. The topic is interestingly addictive. In order to be inclusive to a variety of audiences, I researched material from numerous resources and cross referenced information to develop a foundation of understanding from which the questions in the survey were generated. Additionally, during the past 12 years, I maintained my fine art career, a job as project manager for a government entity, and co-founded a new visual arts center.  Good things rarely come easily.  I’m in for the long haul and meaningful outcomes.

Who helped with the project?

My good friend-artist-curator, David Swoyer, helped with the name and original descriptions used to define project goals.  Kathryn Peterson, from New Smyrna Beach, who now works for the Atlantic Center for the Arts, was my social media connection in that early period. Now, Mary Schnebly, techi-guru extraordinaire with a broad background in mapping data, is taking me above and beyond all expectations. Additionally, several brilliant friends and associates, who understand the aspects of studies, such as this one, guided me to resources that helped formulate the project as it is now presented on the web.

It is important to note that the project survey produces data from what is considered a “sampling” of the population, and is not a “controlled” group. I intentionally chose this survey style as I wanted anyone over age 18 to be able to participate.


Click here for stats on Glyph participants by gender

With some survey results in, who’s missing?

I recently compared the cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders of the Glyph survey respondents to the 2010 U.S. Census and made the following observation:  A blended community sampling will be better reached with an increase in:

(1) male respondents,

(2) participants under the age of 50, and

(3) participants who identify with cultural backgrounds other than solely American

Please understand that I am not asking women, or those over 50, or those who identify solely as being American, to stop responding to the survey. EEK! – not at all folks.

Click here for Glyph participants by age group

Click here for stats on Glyph participants by age group

I am simply identifying a means by which you can help the ratio of Glyph respondents mirror that of our 2010 national census.  You can help by passing the survey on to everyone you know and asking them to pass it on to everyone they know… send to students, teachers, friends, associates, grand kids (over 18). In the end, it’s all good stuff.

Why would you want to participate?

Why do we do anything?  I find it richly beneficial to reflect on how and why I interpret things around me the way I do. In order to communicate with others, understanding why they do what they do is critical. Here’s an opportunity for anyone over 18, living in the United States 6 months out of the year, to join in a project that visualizes our “freshly blended” culture. I am thankful to all participants. Join the blog now for auto updates on “your” project.

Feed the need....get Glyphed now!

Feed the need….Do the Glyph now!

Stay tuned as more observations on the responses are issued. A “call for visuals” from survey participants will be issued soon.

Share/Pass it Forward/ Like it to friends, family and associates.

2 comments on “Glyph yourself….a blended culture project

  1. your conservative Puerto Rican friend giggle says:

    It was fun doing the survey and i’m really interested in your findings!

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