Who is Margaret Schnebly Hodge the Blogger? 

I am an active contemporary artist who seeks knowledge from a variety of forms. Utlimately this knowledge informs my art.

I attribute my life-long habit of reading to my parents for whom I am eternally grateful. They helped me discover this rewarding visual and tactile adventure with printed words in bound, pulp-filled objects. They encouraged me to highlight with marker, scribble in margins, underline text, and draw icons to denote importance as part of the journey. I found that I am never “done” with a good book as I place it within eyesight where it can stimulate recollections of lessons learned.

For me, I do not believe that electronic reading tools will ever replace this reverential and referential home décor; however, the reality that digital versions can provide immediate access to hordes of books with personal notes is compelling.

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