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A “call for audios and visuals” from survey participants will be issued in October 2013. Join the happening now by taking the survey. Follow this blog for auto updates and calls for additional material.

Observations from Glyph Project Survey continued: Sections 10, 11, 12, and 13

The following information is derived from a quick review of existing data and is not meant to reflect final outcomes.

My studies over the past years revealed a vast array of meanings found in shapes and colors. Major influences on meanings come from cultural background / traditions, spiritual belief systems, and contemporary interpretations. I suspect life experiences and length of life also play roles in selections. What do you think?

Survey Section 10 – Select the symbol that best represents your belief system. Consider the answer you gave to questions 7 and 8 (see Post Sept 5) if you believe in a Supreme Being(s), and questions 7 and 9 if you do not believe in a Supreme Being(s). 

Question symbol of belief system

Click image for stats on Glyph participants by symbol choice

The top 4 selected symbols are Sphere (44%), Circle (26%), with Cone #1 and Triangle #1 tied (8%).  A basic symbolic meaning of a sphere and a circle they both are without beginning or end. They are formed by determining points equidistant from one center.  The cone and triangles noted here are oriented with the point up. The shapes can reflect a hierarchal system of belief. The broad base might reflect a foundation / mass. Click the graphic above for data on all answers. What do you see?

Click here for stats on Glyph participants by color of spiritual belief system

Click image for stats on Glyph participants by color choice

Of the color swatches provided, the top 5 colors selected by respondents are White (27%), Blue (18%), with Blue-green, Purple, and Red tied (10%).  Click the image on the left for data on all color selections.

White is the color seen by the human eye when it looks at light containing all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. On the optical spectrum blue is located between violet and green. Blue is the color most commonly associated with harmony and hope – think of blue sky and blue bird of happiness. Symbolically the color blue and purple represent power and royalty – and historically the color, being made from precious stones/minerals, was generally used for the most important characters in art work. Got observations to share?

Survey Section 12 – Select the characteristics of the color you chose in question 11? Select as many as you like or select none.

Question color characteristic

Click image for stats on Glyph participants by color characteristic

The majority of respondents selected Glowing (28%) and Translucent (25%), followed by Other (19%). The responses in the “Other” category tended to remark on animated actions of the color or expand on the intensity of a color.  For clarification, my observation means that these 3 words showed up more in the group of words selected by respondents and does not mean they were selected in this order. Click the image on the left for data on all selections. What are your thoughts?

Survey Section 13 – Have you ever had an experience where you were “filled with the spirit?”; were “one with the universe?”; felt you were “outside of your body?”; were in a “state of enlightenment?”; All of the above; or None of the above.

Glyph Experience

Click image for stats on Glyph participants by experience. (Unbound by Margaret Schnebly Hodge)

Of answers provided the top 4 responses are: Filled with the Spirit (26%), State of Enlightenment and One with the Universe tied (22%), followed by Outside Your Body (21%).  Next came All of the Above (5%) and None of the Above (4%).  Consider the relationship between the 4 percent selection of “None of the Above” and my earlier blog post (Sept 5), discussion on “Select a word to describe your belief system”, where 18 percent of respondents answered atheist or no belief system.  Click the image to the right for data on experiences. Looking at all posts on Glyph what are you thinking?

It is important to note that the project survey produces data from what is considered a “sampling” of the population, and is not a “controlled” group. I intentionally chose this survey style as I wanted anyone over age 18 to be able to participate. To join the project and complete the survey, click the image below.

Feed the need....get Glyphed now!

Feed the need….Do the Glyph now!

A “call for audios and visuals” from survey participants will be issued soon. Stay tuned as more observations on the responses are issued. Follow this blog for automatic updates.

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  1. Always good to be unique — but blended.

  2. your conservative Puerto Rican friend giggle says:

    Geeze I dont know how to feel since I’m not in the majority. Very interesting info and eye opening.

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